Unique Branded Corporate Logo Balloons

Our handcrafted corporate branded balloons have been proving very popular. Everyone wants to get their company/business seen in a unique way and our balloons appear to be fitting the bill. They have been really popular for launches and exhibitions where getting peoples attention is important.

The balloons have been used at conferences, business exhibitions, retail promotions, product and press launches, car dealerships and much more.

As one customer said: ” everyone commented on them at the launch of our new business”


Asset Management Branded Balloons


They are truly captivating. Standing at over 8feet tall, these transparent almost glass like balloons filled with feathers or different colours of confetti have the ability to get noticed.

The beauty of these balloons is that they are handmade. Nothing can be mass manufactured or made from a factory.  The confetti/feather filled balloons are extremely captivating and they always get that “wow” factor.

The balloons will float from anywhere up to two weeks and sometimes more. The balloons are anchored by a globe weight and tied up with satin ribbon.

The reason they are so desirable is because they cannot be manufactured in bulk. Each balloon is handmade. Everything from designing the tail of the balloon to reproducing the logo to go onto the face of the balloon.

We work with the colours of the logo to design the balloon. We have everything from sparkly metallic gold and silver tassels to soft pastel colour feathers.  So matching the colours of your logo is not a problem.

Branded Anniversary Balloons

Marking a special milestone anniversary is always a good time to use our logo balloons.

When you have been in business for a long time you want to celebrate in style.

Branded Balloons

Valentines, Easter and Christmas are some of our most busiest times of the year and our snowflakes, hearts and chick balloons are always in demand too.

Car Showroom Balloons

Car Dealership Branded Balloon

Because of their height they are perfect for places with tall ceilings. When the new car registrations are coming out and you want to mark the event and promote the latest promotions then our balloons work well. They symbolise that something special is happening and that it is no ordinary day.

Exhibition Balloons

Feather Corporate branded balloon

Our elegant stems really finish the balloons off well. They balloons fit well in any corporate environment.

At a conference or exhibition where there are hundreds of people and getting seen in the crowd is the most important thing. Your brand is the most important thing so one way to make sure that your logo catches

company name balloon

Simply send us your logo in a hi-resolution jpeg format and we will coordinate the colour and designs around that. Even if you do not have a logo we can put something together for you.

We are based in Pinner, North West London and so can easily deliver in and around London and further.

Our branded balloons are the way to go if you want to evoke feelings and show that something special is happening. Balloons have always made people smile and and our branded logo balloons are no different.