Balloon Columns For Promotions, Exhibitions & Parties

We love Balloon Columns or Balloon Towers as some people call them. When you are presenting or have a promotion they are just impactful.

The balloons are filled with air on a specially designed stand.  Because they do not use helium they require a stand to sit on. This has many advantages though as balloon gas is expensive and the balloons will only last a day when filled with helium. Air filled columns last a number of days.

Perfect for exhibitors at shopping centres, exhibition venues who are showcasing their products or services.Equally great for birthdays, weddings, parties and make great entrance pieces.

They are about 8ft tall and the balloons can be easily matched to your colours.

We can ether fill them on-site on have the columns delivered.

The balloons can be topped with so many things. Foil Numbers, foil stars, foil hearts or large 3ft balloons really giving it more height.

They can also be topped with a 3ft balloon topper which can have a message or logo put on there too.

These are also air filled and sit nicely on top of the columns.

Branded balloon columns

We have only recently started branding our balloon columns but they are so well received.

If you have a stand at an exhibition or are a presenting to a large group of people the 3 dimensional columns give height and volume

Creative Elegant Wedding Balloons

There was a time in the balloon industry that all that really was available were latex and foil balloons in conventional shapes. Balloons were still really popular for weddings back then.  However, the balloon industry really has come on leaps and bounds and has produced some really elegant balloons.

One of our most favourites has been the emergence of the bubble balloon. A transparent balloon made from a type of plastic that holds the balloon gas for several weeks. It is unlike the latex balloon where the gas escapes fairly quickly.

The bubble balloons almost glass like in appearance can be filled and personalised too.

These balloons have been so popular with weddings. It has allowed us to be really creative with them and add a lot of our personal touches.

Personalised Elegant wedding logo engagement balloon

Because we can colour coordinate them, we can match any colour theme. We hand make the balloon tails and have a good selection of materials to work with.   Our balloons are filled with coloured feathers, confetti or petals. We tie our balloons off with good quality satin ribbon.

The balloons make great table centre pieces, especially in venues with high ceilings.

The below balloons were used at the Hermitage in Hitchin. They worked as great space fillers in a room with really tall ceilings.

Elegant red confetti wedding table balloons

Part of our wedding balloon portfolio include our hand crafted floral balloons. Hand crafted flowers are attached to our bubble balloons filled with petals.

They look great free standing and are perfect at any entrance.

Elegant Purple Flower Wedding Balloons

The balloons are filled with petals and look very elegant.

We are often asked to personalise the balloons with the couples wedding logos. The results look truly amazing. We did these for a lovely couple at a Jewish Wedding.

Elegant Purple personalised flower balloon

Recently we were featured in the lovely Confetti. In a style shoot at the beautiful Rutland Water Golf Club. Our balloons were featured alongside some fabulous suppliers. The theme was gold and peach, and the results looked sensational. They stood in large gold vases and worked as a walkway.

Luxury Peach and Gold wedding Balloons

The full article can be seen here: Confetti Article

The large tassel balloons are always a favourite. Great for a bride/bridesmaid to hold or as the main decor for a wedding.

Our tassel balloons framing the wedding table here are also really elegant. They are fun and equally also add a lot of volume.

The tassels once again can be colour coordinated and can either be full length or half length.

Elegant Peach Tassel Helium Balloon

We deliver to most venues and because of their long float times they can be delivered a few days prior.

Balloons are definitely a must at weddings now and we are finding our weddings balloons are proving more and more popular. Based in Pinner in North West London we travel and deliver our balloons in and around London and further afield too.

For 2018/2019 bookings do please get in contact.