Rose Gold Balloons

Fortunately, the balloon manufacturers, Qualatex, Amscan and so forth have been working really hard to bring to the market a collection of much anticipated, Rose Gold balloons.

We see Rose Gold everywhere and why not, it is the most beautiful colour. To be able to buy rose gold balloons has been tremendous and for balloon designers such as ourselves, well we just adore working with this colour.

Amscan have extended their range of orbz. A 16″ foil sphere to include them in a rose gold colour. We love these because of their shape and the way they fill spaces with tall ceilings.

Rose Gold Balloons

As well as the rose gold orbz, the colours extend to foil numbers, letters, hearts, circles and other shapes too.

We were really pleased to hear that rose gold balloons now come in latex form. It was a struggle trying to find latex balloons that would match the rose gold foils but in the last few months we were able to get hold of some. When we tried them we just fell in love with them. They were a perfect match.

Rose gold latex balloons
Rose gold latex balloons

For our clear confetti balloons we use rose gold confetti.  Circles of rose gold foil that we use for our bubble balloons as well as our 3ft  clear balloons.  The shimmer of the gold really makes the balloons unique


We mix these with other colours and for our 3ft balloons

21st birthday balloon

Surprise someone next with a rose gold bouquet.

rose gold star balloons
rose gold star balloons


Logo Balloons getting you noticed.

Just before Christmas we were asked by a local Chartered Surveyors firm for some branded balloons.

They were having a Christmas Party and wanted some decorations.

We suggested some of our clear transparent bubble balloons filled with feathers and embossed with their logo

We used red feathers to fill the balloons which matched the colours of their logo perfectly.

The colours  of the logo were red and silver and we had some lovely laser cut snowflake tails we could attach to the balloons. They were beginning to look really Christmassy

Red ribbon fastened the balloons nicely together really finishing them off.

The stems of the balloons looked both very professional and festive, very fitting for our clients brief.

All of our balloons come individually boxed making them easy to transport and also adding that extra bit of theatre when the balloons float out of the boxes.

Needless to say Graham Fitt, Chartered Surveyors were over the moon. They had taken the balloons to their Christmas venue where they were entertaining a raft of people.

The feedback was super. They had so many comments from their guests and from other people at the venue. In fact even when the balloons were taken outside people were stopping them about the balloons.

They could not have asked for better PR. Our balloons helped get them noticed by others, made beautiful decorative pieces and had people stopping on the streets about them.

Our balloons are just perfect at getting your company noticed. If you are having a trade show or exhibiting somewhere, you are guaranteed that people will look at these balloons with your logo on them.

Our balloons stand out and get attention. People naturally look up at them. They stand at about 7-8ft tall and float for a few weeks. Your business will get noticed and also generate that feel good factor.

Must have balloons for a milestone birthday.

Lets face it. You will only turn 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90 or even a 100 once in your life.

Marking the day is super important and balloons always form a big part of the celebrations.

Our transparent balloons have been become more and more integral in marking the celebrations.

Because they are personalised they really add that wow factor.

All we require is your colour theme and we will design the balloons for you.

We keep stocks of colours and can match to almost any colour theme. On most occasions it is a surprise and from the feed back we get we are told our balloons are extremely well received.

We used black and gold confetti to fill our balloons below.

personalised 18th Balloons

Coupled with clear balloons are the foil letter balloons. Because of their size they really fill up a room. at 36″ tall these foil letter balloons are just so fun and are becoming more and more popular.

We understand that transporting these balloons are not easy so we deliver too.

We can deliver in and around London. Our local catchment area is Watford, Harrow, Stanmore, Pinner, Ruislip, Uxbridge, Southall, Ealing, But give us a call and we can discuss this with you.

Foil Letter Balloons

21st Birthday balloons. The Colour theme ‘Rose Gold’. And what a surprise these were. How special.

Happy 21st Birthday Balloons

Special Balloons for Special Events.

Whether you are having a milestone birthday or milestone birthday or simply want to say thank you. Our Transparent Feather and Confetti filled balloons are proving very popular.

They are able to be collected from our Studio in Pinner, North West London or they can be couriered or posted out fully inflated to a desired address.

We theme and colour coordinate balloons for you

Baby Shower Balloon

Pink Heart Balloon
Pink Heart Balloon

Recently we were asked to help with a milestone anniversary for Santander. The activation for this celebration was happening on the same day amongst 12 branches up and down the country.

We suggested our Feather Filled balloons attached to a laser cut stem would be just the ticket. They can be sent in advance and opened on the day to reveal the surprise. All of our balloons arrived boxed up.

Santander balloons

They were personalised with “We are 10” and tied together with silver ribbon.  The red tails matched the Santander Colours perfectly.

What a great surprise and WOW factor for staff and customers.

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party or event which celebrates the arrival of a new baby.  It originally started in the USA but has made a big appearance here in the UK.

At the event the expectant mum is showered with gifts from her friends and family. It is normally held in the last trimester.

At the Baby Shower there will often be food, baby shower games, baby shower favours and very importantly, baby shower decorations.

One of our most popular requests for balloons are for those hosting baby showers.

Gender neutral balloons and sometimes themed balloons are often asked for.

We just love making these. Our most popular are our mint green feather balloons attached to a mint green stem.

Having the name on the balloon is equally as important,  It just says something magical is happening.

We personalise and theme the balloons according to your event. The tiny feet on the stems of these balloons were perfect for this emerald green and red baby shower shower balloons. Filled with round tissue paper confetti and attached by delicate ribbon.

What a difference specialist balloons can make to your event.  They add height and are just so attractive really giving that Wow factor. They have almost become the must have when hosting a baby shower.

Because of their long float times they can be taken home and enjoyed for weeks after the event.

When you are deciding on your next Baby Shower make sure your include balloons as part of your decor. They are guaranteed to get that wow factor.

Christening Table Feather Balloons

London Balloon Delivery,

We are your local specialist balloon company. Based in Pinner in North West London, we deliver in and around London. Balloon delivery is a service that we offer.

We design and style balloons for your events and offer a full planning service. Coming up with original and stylish balloon ideas is not always easy, but we stay ahead of the game and keep up to date with latest trends and fashions from the balloon manufacturers.

Our portfolio is diverse: We offer:

Bespoke feather filled balloons, luxury balloons, wedding balloons, Children’s Balloons, baby Shower, Branded Corporate Balloons, Bar Mitzvah Balloons, Bat Mitzvah Balloons, Confetti Balloons, Feather Balloons, Christening Balloons, New Baby Balloons, Christmas Balloons, Birthday Balloons.

We love creativity and bringing ideas to life. We can advise on what will work show you all range of possible ideas.  We are open for a friendly chat and we find this helps our clients a lot.

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Balloons are difficult to transport and we can take away all of the pain for you. Our trusty drivers and large vans handle all our balloons with care.

Balloon Delivery
Balloon Delivery

We deliver clusters of ordinary latex helium balloons, Foil numbers and Foil Letter Balloons, Air filled Balloons, Large 3ft Balloons, Bubble Balloons, Foil Balloons, Orbz Balloons, milestone birthday balloons.

If you are having a special event and you want balloons delivered to your door do get in touch.