Big Branded Balloons

Getting noticed by way of big balloons

We are all used to the small traditional latex balloons which are are branded and are often on a stick.

But we have been busy producing large balloons, yes big 3ft balloons with company logos.

When we suggest the idea to clients they can’t really imagine it.

But when we show them pictures, they are sold. They want to promote their company or others that they work alongside of. Here we had to produce balloons for a variety of finance and asset management companies.

Because of their volumes and height they create not only a fun environment but a unique advertising opportunity too.

Roll up banners are great, but for events or exhibitions these balloons really are eye caching.

Where can these big balloons be used?

Well these balloons can be used anywhere. A landmark anniversary in your business, representing sponsors, exhibiting at shows, product launches …the list is just endless.

The feedback we often get is that the balloons were just fantastic. They were a great talking point and really made the room feel special and different.

We are based in Pinner in North West London and we deliver in and around London and further afield if required.

These balloons would make great centre pieces for tables in a room with tall ceilings.  They make great space fillers too. So even the most ordinary of rooms can look fun and inviting with the large 3 foot balloons.

Can I get my company logo on the face of the balloon?

Yes all that we ask is that you send us over a high resolution image of your logo and or any text you would like to appear on the balloon.

We can turn things around fairly quickly, but advance notice is always welcome for us.

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