Branded Balloon Columns – For Promotions, Exhibitions & Parties

Balloon Columns For Promotions, Exhibitions & Parties

We love Balloon Columns or Balloon Towers as some people call them. When you are presenting or have a promotion they are just impactful.

The balloons are filled with air on a specially designed stand.  Because they do not use helium they require a stand to sit on. This has many advantages though as balloon gas is expensive and the balloons will only last a day when filled with helium. Air filled columns last a number of days.

Perfect for exhibitors at shopping centres, exhibition venues who are showcasing their products or services.Equally great for birthdays, weddings, parties and make great entrance pieces.

They are about 8ft tall and the balloons can be easily matched to your colours.

We can ether fill them on-site on have the columns delivered.

The balloons can be topped with so many things. Foil Numbers, foil stars, foil hearts or large 3ft balloons really giving it more height.

They can also be topped with a 3ft balloon topper which can have a message or logo put on there too.

These are also air filled and sit nicely on top of the columns.

Branded balloon columns

We have only recently started branding our balloon columns but they are so well received.

If you have a stand at an exhibition or are a presenting to a large group of people the 3 dimensional columns give height and volume

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