Branded Foil Balloons in a Box

Branded Foil Balloons in a Box

Recently we had to dispatch round 18″ branded foil balloons and deliver them out to our clients various customers in and around the UK.

The foil balloons had to have their logo printed on them.

All that was required was  a high resolution image to be be able to print onto the foil balloons

Corporate Logo for balloon printing

The balloons were then printed and ready for inflation with helium. Filled with helium these foil balloons have good float times and will stay taught for up to 5 days and float for up to another 2 weeks.

Printed Foil Balloons

The balloons once filled were tied with ribbon and attached to a small weight.

All filled the balloons were then packed and boxed up. In each box was a printed letter from the client to their customers.

Balloon Boxes

We send out all of our balloons by Royal Mail first class delivery.

100 boxed and branded balloons were sent out the next day.

We thought this was a great idea to get yourself noticed in front of your customers and give them a lovely surprise.


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