Confetti Balloons are all the rage. They come in a range of sizes. From 11inch balloons to large 3ft balloons.

They are filled with an array of colourful confetti and transform a clear balloon.

The confetti is carefully weighed out filling the balloon with just the right amount to provide an even coating.

Definitely worth going the extra mile for these balloons. They do have the wow factor.

3ft Confetti Balloons


We used rose gold confetti to fill these balloons and personalised the balloons too. Adding a tassel tail just finished the balloons off.

Blush Tissue Paper Confetti

A combination of soft pinks and rose golds give a lovely blush look. They look fabulous filled in our balloons.

Gold Confetti Balloons

Round gold confetti fills 11″ clear balloons well. They really are special. This metallic confetti coats the inside of the balloon.

Works really well for Baby Showers and all those glitzy events






Printed balloons on a stick. They are a great way to get noticed at any event. They make fantastic giveaways.

Because they are filled with air they have a long shelf life unlike helium filled balloons which stop floating after a day.

The balloons are fixed to the stick and perfect for handing out at events. It is a great way to get your brand noticed.

Whether you require one colour printing or two colour printing let us know.


We have recently introduced a helium hire service. Inflating your own balloons are becoming increasingly popular.

You can buy the disposal cylinders which on average will fill approx 50 x 11″ balloons. With these canisters once used have to be disposed of. Most times they involve being taken to the skip.

As a balloon stockist we use refillable canisters, meaning when the cylinders are empty they are simply returned to the stockist and refilled.

We offer a helium hire service where we use the Genie models. This is predominantly because they are easy to transport, they hold more helium than simiar sized cylinders and effectively are better value for money.

What is also good about these helium gas cylinders is that they come with their own built in digital gauges.

So you can see how much gas you have used and how much you have left.

Take a look at our quick you tube video below:

The canisters are supplied with their own screw on nozzles which allow you to inflate both foil balloons and latex balloons.

Simply put the neck of the balloon onto the end of the nozzle and push. The pressurised gas will fill the balloon.

There are two sized genie cylinders. The Genie G10 and Genie G20. Depending on the size of your event, the Genie G10’s fills approx 225 x 11″ balloons and the G20’s fill approx 455 x 11″ balloons.

So whether you are a professional balloon decorator or someone who has their own event – we certainly recommend these.  If you are using giant 3ft balloons this will work out very cost effective too.

Helium is an inert gas which is colourless and odourless. Never inhale helium.

Give us a call to talk though your event.. If you require long term rental then we offer that possibility too. We can deliver too if you are in the local area. Pinner, Harrow, Stanmore, Northwood, Ruislip

Helium Hire

Organic Balloon Structures

We have been getting asked frequently for organic balloon structures. Well what are they? In a nutshell, they are irregularly inflated balloons joined together to create some amazing looks. The best part is is that they are filled with air and not helium.

What is so good about Organic Balloons?

Because Organic balloons are filled with air they can be built upon to create some amazing looks. They add volume to any event and make use of space and fill voids in area space.

What is a Organic Balloon Arch?

In the traditional sense a balloon arch sits on a frame with all the balloons uniformly assembled and inflated.

Organic balloon arches are inflated to different sizes and sometimes assembled without any framework

This balloon arch we created had no framework and suspended from the ceiling.

Studded with flowers and tassels to give an extra dimension. We used several sized balloons here including the giant Silver Orbz.

These structures look great draped around any room.

However they needn’t be on a large scale. Something smaller can still have a lovely effect.

Organic Balloon Arch

Because they are filled with air they last a long time, unlike conventional helium filled balloons.

They do not need to be arches, they can be almost anything. Balloon Clouds for instance.

Organic Balloon Cloud

Or Organic Balloons Rainbow.

Organic Balloon Rainbow
The list is endless.

Branded Foil Balloons in a Box

Recently we had to dispatch round 18″ branded foil balloons and deliver them out to our clients various customers in and around the UK.

The foil balloons had to have their logo printed on them.

All that was required was  a high resolution image to be be able to print onto the foil balloons

Corporate Logo for balloon printing

The balloons were then printed and ready for inflation with helium. Filled with helium these foil balloons have good float times and will stay taught for up to 5 days and float for up to another 2 weeks.

Printed Foil Balloons

The balloons once filled were tied with ribbon and attached to a small weight.

All filled the balloons were then packed and boxed up. In each box was a printed letter from the client to their customers.

Balloon Boxes

We send out all of our balloons by Royal Mail first class delivery.

100 boxed and branded balloons were sent out the next day.

We thought this was a great idea to get yourself noticed in front of your customers and give them a lovely surprise.


Getting noticed by way of big balloons

We are all used to the small traditional latex balloons which are are branded and are often on a stick.

But we have been busy producing large balloons, yes big 3ft balloons with company logos.

When we suggest the idea to clients they can’t really imagine it.

But when we show them pictures, they are sold. They want to promote their company or others that they work alongside of. Here we had to produce balloons for a variety of finance and asset management companies.

Because of their volumes and height they create not only a fun environment but a unique advertising opportunity too.

Roll up banners are great, but for events or exhibitions these balloons really are eye caching.

Where can these big balloons be used?

Well these balloons can be used anywhere. A landmark anniversary in your business, representing sponsors, exhibiting at shows, product launches …the list is just endless.

The feedback we often get is that the balloons were just fantastic. They were a great talking point and really made the room feel special and different.

We are based in Pinner in North West London and we deliver in and around London and further afield if required.

These balloons would make great centre pieces for tables in a room with tall ceilings.  They make great space fillers too. So even the most ordinary of rooms can look fun and inviting with the large 3 foot balloons.

Can I get my company logo on the face of the balloon?

Yes all that we ask is that you send us over a high resolution image of your logo and or any text you would like to appear on the balloon.

We can turn things around fairly quickly, but advance notice is always welcome for us.

Balloon Bouquets -Alternative Valentine’s Gifts

This year we introduced a new product to our collection. We wanted to combine both flowers and balloons into one gift. So we came up with our balloon bouquets.  This hot air balloon looking creation literally were floating off our shelves.

Encasing the very best of our balloons with the very best flowers on the market, we combined them both.

The flowers sit in pre-soaked material which means the flowers stay fresh.

These Valentines gifts are attached to a personalised balloon and are filed with small balloons. We didn’t realise that they would be so popular.

Unfortunately we were unable to post these out unlike our ordinary balloons. However for all of our local clientele in Pinner, Harrow, Northwood, Hatch End, Stanmore, Ruislip, Uxbridge, Rickmansworth, Watford and the surrounding areas, these bouquets  were very popular.

Flowers are lovely but our customers were looking for something different and original to wow their partners with.

What was a Valentines product, we now get asked to do them for birthdays, new births, anniversaries and so on.

We are totally proud of these and they are guaranteed to give that wow factor. They are so unique and they come wrapped up giving it that even bigger wow factor.

At Grapefruit Balloons we are constantly creating, designing and coming up with new and innovative ideas.

They have so many uses. In fact  we have been asked to put chocolates in the flower basket and potentially going forward they could be used at Baby Showers with soft cuddly toys instead of the flowers.

So if you are looking for an alternative Valentine’s gift then look no further than these bouquets  We look forward to the day when a customer asks us to put a ring in the bouquet. How incredibly special that would be.

Emerald Anniversary Balloon
Emerald Anniversary Balloon

Rose Gold Balloons

Fortunately, the balloon manufacturers, Qualatex, Amscan and so forth have been working really hard to bring to the market a collection of much anticipated, Rose Gold balloons.

We see Rose Gold everywhere and why not, it is the most beautiful colour. To be able to buy rose gold balloons has been tremendous and for balloon designers such as ourselves, well we just adore working with this colour.

Amscan have extended their range of orbz. A 16″ foil sphere to include them in a rose gold colour. We love these because of their shape and the way they fill spaces with tall ceilings.

Rose Gold Balloons

As well as the rose gold orbz, the colours extend to foil numbers, letters, hearts, circles and other shapes too.

We were really pleased to hear that rose gold balloons now come in latex form. It was a struggle trying to find latex balloons that would match the rose gold foils but in the last few months we were able to get hold of some. When we tried them we just fell in love with them. They were a perfect match.

Rose gold latex balloons
Rose gold latex balloons

For our clear confetti balloons we use rose gold confetti.  Circles of rose gold foil that we use for our bubble balloons as well as our 3ft  clear balloons.  The shimmer of the gold really makes the balloons unique


We mix these with other colours and for our 3ft balloons

21st birthday balloon

Surprise someone next with a rose gold bouquet.

rose gold star balloons
rose gold star balloons


Logo Balloons getting you noticed.

Just before Christmas we were asked by a local Chartered Surveyors firm for some branded balloons.

They were having a Christmas Party and wanted some decorations.

We suggested some of our clear transparent bubble balloons filled with feathers and embossed with their logo

We used red feathers to fill the balloons which matched the colours of their logo perfectly.

The colours  of the logo were red and silver and we had some lovely laser cut snowflake tails we could attach to the balloons. They were beginning to look really Christmassy

Red ribbon fastened the balloons nicely together really finishing them off.

The stems of the balloons looked both very professional and festive, very fitting for our clients brief.

All of our balloons come individually boxed making them easy to transport and also adding that extra bit of theatre when the balloons float out of the boxes.

Needless to say Graham Fitt, Chartered Surveyors were over the moon. They had taken the balloons to their Christmas venue where they were entertaining a raft of people.

The feedback was super. They had so many comments from their guests and from other people at the venue. In fact even when the balloons were taken outside people were stopping them about the balloons.

They could not have asked for better PR. Our balloons helped get them noticed by others, made beautiful decorative pieces and had people stopping on the streets about them.

Our balloons are just perfect at getting your company noticed. If you are having a trade show or exhibiting somewhere, you are guaranteed that people will look at these balloons with your logo on them.

Our balloons stand out and get attention. People naturally look up at them. They stand at about 7-8ft tall and float for a few weeks. Your business will get noticed and also generate that feel good factor.

Must have balloons for a milestone birthday.

Lets face it. You will only turn 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90 or even a 100 once in your life.

Marking the day is super important and balloons always form a big part of the celebrations.

Our transparent balloons have been become more and more integral in marking the celebrations.

Because they are personalised they really add that wow factor.

All we require is your colour theme and we will design the balloons for you.

We keep stocks of colours and can match to almost any colour theme. On most occasions it is a surprise and from the feed back we get we are told our balloons are extremely well received.

We used black and gold confetti to fill our balloons below.

personalised 18th Balloons

Coupled with clear balloons are the foil letter balloons. Because of their size they really fill up a room. at 36″ tall these foil letter balloons are just so fun and are becoming more and more popular.

We understand that transporting these balloons are not easy so we deliver too.

We can deliver in and around London. Our local catchment area is Watford, Harrow, Stanmore, Pinner, Ruislip, Uxbridge, Southall, Ealing, But give us a call and we can discuss this with you.

Foil Letter Balloons

21st Birthday balloons. The Colour theme ‘Rose Gold’. And what a surprise these were. How special.

Happy 21st Birthday Balloons