Helium Hire

We have recently introduced a helium hire service. Inflating your own balloons are becoming increasingly popular.

You can buy the disposal cylinders which on average will fill approx 50 x 11″ balloons. With these canisters once used have to be disposed of. Most times they involve being taken to the skip.

As a balloon stockist we use refillable canisters, meaning when the cylinders are empty they are simply returned to the stockist and refilled.

We offer a helium hire service where we use the Genie models. This is predominantly because they are easy to transport, they hold more helium than simiar sized cylinders and effectively are better value for money.

What is also good about these helium gas cylinders is that they come with their own built in digital gauges.

So you can see how much gas you have used and how much you have left.

Take a look at our quick you tube video below:

The canisters are supplied with their own screw on nozzles which allow you to inflate both foil balloons and latex balloons.

Simply put the neck of the balloon onto the end of the nozzle and push. The pressurised gas will fill the balloon.

There are two sized genie cylinders. The Genie G10 and Genie G20. Depending on the size of your event, the Genie G10’s fills approx 225 x 11″ balloons and the G20’s fill approx 455 x 11″ balloons.

So whether you are a professional balloon decorator or someone who has their own event – we certainly recommend these.  If you are using giant 3ft balloons this will work out very cost effective too.

Helium is an inert gas which is colourless and odourless. Never inhale helium.

Give us a call to talk though your event.. If you require long term rental then we offer that possibility too. We can deliver too if you are in the local area. Pinner, Harrow, Stanmore, Northwood, Ruislip

Helium Hire

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