Organic Balloons

Organic Balloon Structures

We have been getting asked frequently for organic balloon structures. Well what are they? In a nutshell, they are irregularly inflated balloons joined together to create some amazing looks. The best part is is that they are filled with air and not helium.

What is so good about Organic Balloons?

Because Organic balloons are filled with air they can be built upon to create some amazing looks. They add volume to any event and make use of space and fill voids in area space.

What is a Organic Balloon Arch?

In the traditional sense a balloon arch sits on a frame with all the balloons uniformly assembled and inflated.

Organic balloon arches are inflated to different sizes and sometimes assembled without any framework

This balloon arch we created had no framework and suspended from the ceiling.

Studded with flowers and tassels to give an extra dimension. We used several sized balloons here including the giant Silver Orbz.

These structures look great draped around any room.

However they needn’t be on a large scale. Something smaller can still have a lovely effect.

Organic Balloon Arch

Because they are filled with air they last a long time, unlike conventional helium filled balloons.

They do not need to be arches, they can be almost anything. Balloon Clouds for instance.

Organic Balloon Cloud

Or Organic Balloons Rainbow.

Organic Balloon Rainbow
The list is endless.

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