White and Grey Star Feather Filled Christening Balloon
Personalised White Feather filled Chritening BalloonWhite and Grey Star Feather Filled Christening Balloon

Grey & White Flower Balloon

White feather filled flower balloon – Perfect for Christenings

White Feather filled balloon attached to an intricately laser cut hand crafted tail. Our balloons are delicately assembled and anchored by a globe.

They can be personalised and enjoy good float times. Standing at over 8ft tall they really have a presence in the room and really captivate people.

The white & grey flower are filled with soft white feathers. A very serene design capturing the feelings of calm & gentleness.

They are frequently used as Christenings but would equally fit in at Weddings, Engagements, Bar Mitvahs, Bat Mitvahs, Baby Showers, Mendhi Parties, Nikkah’s and all other special events. These Luxury Balloons really do have the WOW factor.