Tulle Balloons

Balloons covered in Tulle

One of our recent weddings involved balloons covered in net or tulle. The 3ft balloons as centre pieces are getting more popular. When we were asked to do the 3ft balloons as centre pieces we pitched the net covered balloons to our client instead.

Yes they were more expensive but it didn’t take much convincing once we sent over some images.

They chose white balloons covered in white tulle.  The balloons were so perfect it was a great choice.

We inflate our balloons to 27″ so the net that is required to cover the balloons has to be super big.

Fortunately we have a fabulous supplier who stocks this tulle (and in different colours too) where we can purchase this in very long and wide lengths.

The couple wanted red flowers to be incorporated into the balloon so it would match their outfits on the day.

We found some lovely flowers to use as a tie to fasten the tulle to the balloons.

The colours complimented the brides dress


We would normally inflate our 3ft balloons on site, however on this occasion we pre-made everything in our studio ready for transportation to the wedding venue.

Net Balloons

They are big ole balloons however our trusty van was ample size to transport them

The results were super worth it. The wedding venue had high ceilings so these balloons added volume and height to the room and what a show stopper they were too.

These balloons just scream WEDDING. They are a must if you are choosing giant balloons for your special day. We are just so in love with them and so were our clients.

They can be fastened together using various floral ties. The colours matched to the colour theme of your wedding.

Used as table centre pieces or either side of the wedding table or entrance. These balloons really make a statement.

Delivering Balloons
Balloon Delivery

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